The Malagiri School

the children lining up to go to into the school

The school has re-opened!

We’re delighted to let you know that the Malagiri School has officially reopened after eight months of Covid lockdown.

a teacher and one of the children washing their handsWe received the message below and some lovely images of the children:

The children seem happy to come in the school and with proper sanitization and following the safety rules against the pandemic we eagerly meet each other.

Along with the new youngest children, on the first day back many of the older ones are also looking thoughtful and serious. Hopefully soon we’ll see happy smiles too as the children relax again.

Head teacher Yubraj said “Let’s stand together against this bad situation. Stay safe.”

a greoup of children in the school

a teacher with the children

some of the children eating lunch

a small boy in the classroom

a small girl in the classroom


Kerry Burnett • November 26, 2020

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