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Datafication of Cycling funded PhD at the University of Brighton

Apply to work this exciting project – application deadline is Wednesday 21 June 2017, 17:30.

This project brings together scholarship in mobilities, intelligent transport and big data to explore the potential of industry-collected cycling data in informing policies and planning for more sustainable transport and mobilities. A critical exploration of cycling data at the intersection of innovative industries and public policies is at the heart of the project. The project engages with current debates on the potential for big data analysis through case study analysis in key cities across the world.

This project would suit someone with a background in computer science/digital media (or related disciplines) with an interest in business and policy, or someone with a background in social science/business (or related disciplines) with an interest in data. The successful candidate would require the following skills.

1. Critical thinking and general research skills in document analysis and literature reviewing will be essential skills, and semi-structured interviews (desirable).

2. Data literacy (essential), data analysis (desirable).

Lead: Dr Frauke Behrendt
Second: Dr Lesley Murray
Third: Professor Phil Haynes