Book launch Feminist Activism and Digital Media

Aristea Fotopoulou

Book launch Feminist Activism and Digital MediaAristea’s current research project focuses on big data and citizen engagement, with emphasis on Critical Data Literacy and social equalityShe is also interested in cultures, practices and new subjectivities that relate to self-tracking and big data. She is currently writing about self-tracking apps and technologies for various purposes, e.g. fertility, fitness, and about the notion of the quantified self, and is informed by feminist STS. She is co-organising the DCC ECREA conference Digital Culture Meets Data: Critical Perspectives (November 2017, University of Brighton).

Her research about wearable sensors and about the Quantified Self in San Francisco were published recently in the online platform Open Democracy and in Health Sociology Review. Aristea has edited a special issue in digital media praxis for Ada: Journal of Gender, Technology and New Media, (Issue 5, June 2014, with Alex Juhasz & Kate O’Riordan). She serves as Chair of the Digital Culture and Communication Section of European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) since 11/2016 and served as Vice Chair (2014-2016) and as Early-career scholar representative (YECREA) of the section between 2012-2014. Aristea has been awarded the University of Brighton 2017 Early Career Researcher Excellence Award for her research within 5 years of PhD graduation and 2 years of first academic post.