AI: the advent of deus-ex-machina in architecture, city, and…

Wednesday 28th April 14:00-15:00
Join the Centre for Digital Media Cultures for the third of four events in this CDMC Seminar Series hosted by Dr Marcus Winter
Research Theme Lead for Public Understanding of Artificial Intelligence
 University of Brighton’s Centre for Digital Media Cultures

The Centre for Digital Media Cultures is hosting an event today, Wednesday, 28 April, 14:00-15:00 on our Public Understanding of AI.

Dr Poorang Piroozfar, University of Brighton

If architecture and urban design are broadly regarded as a subset of problem-solving process, which includes all or a number of its constituents, then some of reiterative processes along the way can be managed through AI and machine-assisted algorithms. AI, in close conjunction with ML with a reiterative and accelerated solution-based learning process enabled through machine operations, is well situated to generate solutions to design problems. However, with special focus of AI on results or solutions, there is very little room left, if any, for non-materialistic values such as ethics. This talk concentrates on issues which may arise as a consequence and facilitates an open discussion on what can/need to be done to prevent or address such potential problems.

Dr Poorang PIROOZFAR is a reader in Architectural Technology and Digital Construction in School of Environment and Technology, University of Brighton where he also leads the Digital Construction Lab. Poorang’s research as an architect, urban designer, and architectural technologist, spans over a variety of areas with a Multi-, Cross-, Inter- and Trans-disciplinary nature. As a designer he is interested in design research both generally and in the fields of architecture and urbanism. As an architectural engineer his research investigates the drivers, requirements, benefits and responses to deployment of advanced technologies in architecture, the built environment, and construction and triangulates people, society, environment, information, and technology to find out the most viable solutions.

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