Shopping Guide

Shopping in Brighton and Eastbourne


There are several large supermarket chains in the UK. These tend to have large stores away from the centre of town, as well as smaller shops on the high street. The prices in the smaller stores are usually higher than the larger ones, so it is best to make a special trip to do your weekly shopping, and just use the smaller stores for top-up purchases.

The larger stores often have offers if you buy multiple items (Buy one get one free or 3 for the price of 2). Remember – this is only a bargain if you need those items!

Most large supermarkets also deliver groceries at a cost, which you can order online through their website.

You can finds more tips on saving money when you shop here: https://www.brighton.ac.uk/brighton-students/your-student-life/finances/ways-to-save

Main Supermarkets (Close to Brighton-based halls) and International Shops

Our Home from Home webpages have details of the shops and supermarkets closest to University of Brighton halls of residence.

Our Google map shows the main international food shops in Brighton and Hove, as well as the main supermarkets

Loyalty Cards

Many supermarkets and other shops in the UK have a loyalty card scheme where you earn ‘points’ each time you spend money there. You can then use the points for money off once you have built up enough. It can take a while to get enough points to spend, but it is still worth getting them. Some also have special prices for loyalty card holders.  You will be issued a physical card, but you can also use an app like Stocard or similar to store them electronically on your phone.


Markets have a traditional place in British shopping culture, and are still very popular. There is a list of market in Brighton here, and those run in Eastbourne here. These also mentions ‘car-boot sales’ which are outdoor events where people sell mainly household items on stalls, and sometimes from the boot of their cars.

Cafes and Restaurants

The UK has a long history of embracing cuisines from across the world. There are a wide range of cafes and restaurants in both Brighton and Eastbourne specialising in cuisines from all over the world.


Pharmacies in the UK sell both medication, and sanitary products, vitamins, and toiletries. Boot and Superdrug are the two largest stores of this kind, and have a wide range of items including cosmetics and perfumes.

Additionally, there are a number of independent pharmacies, the main one in Brighton & Hove being Kamsons. Look out for the Pharmacy sign elsewhere too. Some pharmacies are open later than others so make sure to check opening times if you need something late at night.

There are two kinds of medication sold in the UK:

  • over the counter medication which is available to anyone without a prescription. Some items are kept in the main part of the pharmacy, and other items are kept behind the counter where you pay so the pharmacy staff can advise you on the most suitable item to buy based on your situation.
  • prescription medication is only available if it has been prescribed by your GP (general practitioner) or another doctor. The cost of prescription items is a set price which goes up each April. It is currently £9.65 per item. If you have several regular prescription medications you take, you can save money by buying a pre-payment certificate.

Charity Shops

British high streets are filled with Charity shops, and they are extremely popular. People donate items they no longer want or need and the store sells them on, giving the proceeds to charity. You can buy clothes, books and more, often at a cheap price as they are second-hand. Some have sections for vintage and designer clothing.

Student Discount

Many shops and online retailers offer discounts to students, usually 10% off but this can vary. To benefit from the most discounts you can obtain a TOTUM Card at: https://www.totum.com/.

Main Shopping Areas – Brighton

Churchill Square is the main shopping centre/mall in Brighton, and Western Road next to it also has a number of large chain stores selling clothes, shoes, household items, and books.

The Lanes and North Laine are also filled with shops, many of which are independent and more unique.

Main Shopping Areas – Eastbourne

The Beacon is the main shopping centre/mall in Eastbourne, and the town centre, from the station to the pier, also has a lot of shops.

There is an area, south west of the station, known as ‘Little Chelsea‘ which has independent and exclusive shops and galleries.


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