Immigration Health Surcharge Increase

We are sad to announce that the UK Government has increased the immigration health surcharge for applications made on or after 6th February 2024. The increase will see rates almost double for applications for Student route and Graduate route applications, as well as dependants on those routes.

The new levels are as follows:

  • Applications under the Student route and for Student route dependants (and any application by a child under 18) will increase from £470 to £776 per applicant for each year of permission applied for.
  • Applications under the Graduate route or for Graduate route dependant partners will increase from £624 to £1035 per application for each year of permission applied for.

The charge is calculated based on the length of visa you (and/ or your dependants) will be granted. A period of less than six months is charge at half of the yearly cost, and any period over six months is charged at the full yearly rate.

For example:

A 12 months master’s degree for a student without dependants the IHS is currently £705, and a three year degree is £1,645. Following the change these figures would be £1,164 for a 12-month master’s degree or £2,716 for a three-year degree.

The date on which you pay both the application fee and IHS is deemed to be the date of your application.

We understand this news may cause some students to want to make a new visa application sooner than planned. However you must not do that until you meet the requirements for the application.


We have detailed guidance on making a Student route and a Graduate route application online on our webpages: Please contact us at with any queries.


Sarah Herbert • February 1, 2024

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