Prehistoric Learning Artefacts Discovered in Big Build

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There is much excitement on site as the current building excavation work has unearthed a prehistoric find of what appears to be early examples of learning devices. An area within the Big Build is currently a hive of activity while international experts attempt to identify and date the various items before the foundations take shape.

Four people holding a stone tablet
Members of the eLearning team study an early example of an online learning environment

Speaking to the elearning team, Archeologist Dr. I Jones says: “We have top people working on this. It’s early days and our team will be digging at the site for hopefully more discoveries. Some of the items already unearthed include a stone tablet with a series of unusual markings and what appears to be the earliest recorded version of a snake-based game.”

fake egyptian tablet
The ‘tablet’ with evidence of an early learning system

While there has been a centre of learning and teaching at Moulsecoomb since the Brighton College of Technology opened in the 1940s, the idea that a local link to education can be traced back to prehistoric times has created amazement amongst academics and researchers. “As an instructor, you’re always trying to keep up with technology trends and students occasionally comment on the age of teaching materials, but this discovery really shows that sometimes the old ways are the best,” explained Dr. Aprilis Stulti.

Amongst the items unearthed was this well preserved coin, showing early evidence of sport in the region:

Hand holding coin
A large coin found on site seemingly showing the early days of Brighton & Hove Albion

The team have been busy transcribing the markings from the tablet, which reveal the following:

Transcribed Hieroglyphics

Work has begun to translate the meaning of the tablet.

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Katie is the eLearning Services Manager at the University of Brighton.


  1. Fred

    I was dissappointed this was not about an actual archelogical find even if it is april fools.

  2. Tim Vincent

    Impressive find!

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