Introducing the 2019 Module template

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Following feedback from staff and students, the standard module template has been redesigned for 2019 with a simplified menu and new approach to standard module resources.

Screenshot of the default module template
2019 Module template

The left hand menu now relates to the content added by the academic school -announcements, module information, study materials as well as assessment information. All centrally managed resources (contacts, module descriptor, subject guides, and reading lists) are available from the new Module Resources widget. This new model will be rolled out for all 2019 modules as they are triggered on studentcentral.

The Don’t Forget widget provides a space where timely academic reminders can be added for students eg around assessment periods. This widget will normally not be present unless there is a message to communicate.

screenshot of the Assessment & Grades content
Assessment & Grades default content

My Grades has now been incorporated alongside the other assessment information with updated information on student submission responsibilities.

In addition, other new features in development for studentcentral, ready for 2019 include:

  • the addition of an automatic Research Profile link on the contacts page for staff with a profile in Pure, allowing students to find out more about their teachers.
  • a new home for New Student and Hit the Ground Running content with clearer communications and signposting planned for students as they transition from applicant to student.
  • automatic removal of students from school and course areas when they change course (and at the end of their course).
  • opt-in for automatic creation of timetable groups into module areas for use with the photoregister tool.
  • a new visual report for attendance recorded through the photoregister.

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