Moving Videos from Relay to Mediastream – Feb 2019 Update

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As of the beginning of February, the old Relay server was switched off as stated in our earlier communications. We expect that staff have now successfully transferred any required content from the relay server to our new system, Mediastream.

However if you identify a link to an old relay video (that now no longer works) you can still request a move to mediastream – but you’ll have to be quick!

Requesting a move for old Relay videos

  1. You will need to download and complete this form
  2. To successfully complete the form you need the know the web link for each video you wish to move. If you can find an exisiting (but broken) link to a relay video, you should be able to copy the link from there (for example, right click on the broken link and click ‘Copy Hyperlink’). You can then paste the link into the form.

So you know what to look for the links will be in the form of










Please note it is no longer possible to access and check your Relay account.

When complete, they should email the form as an attachment to Cathy Frankland (


Relinking videos from studentcentral

Once your videos have been moved, you will need to relink the video into the relevant studentcentral area. A guide on how to do this can be found here

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