Tunji Adeniyi-Jones: Astral Reflections

Photograph of artist
Tunji Adeniyi-Jones in his studio. Photograph by Harry Griffin

Charleston Gallery presents Adeniyi-Jones’s first UK solo show exploring how travel and movement has impacted the Black experience over centuries.

Drawing parallels with Duncan Grant’s vivid colour palette and expressive interest in the human form, these new works sit alongside the exhibition Duncan Grant: 1920 and continue Adeniyi-Jones’s exploration of rendering patterns, shapes and bodies in motion.

‘The title ‘Astral Reflections’ speaks to the physical and emotional fragments that we gather and leave behind through continued travel and transition. I am interested in how the transformative nature of the Black experience is nourished by travel, movement and cultural hybridity.’

– Tunji Adeniyi-Jones

Central to his works are West African mythologies and traditions; specifically, his Yoruban heritage which he draws upon to create paintings which combine realism and abstraction.

Alongside Adeniyi-Jones, three works by Ben Enwonwu (1917 – 1994) will be on display in the Spotlight Gallery. A pioneer of West African modernism, the artist’s work has informed Adeniyi-Jones’.

‘His work serves as an extensive guide for me as I develop my artistic language. His figures are so effortlessly fluid and expressive’

– Tunji Adeniyi-Jones

From the Charleston Farmhouse Gallery website – https://www.charleston.org.uk/exhibition/tunji-adeniyi-jones-astral-reflections/

Charleston, Firle, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 6LL

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