The State We’re In

The State We’re In at the Tate Britain

The state we’re in is the final room of the Tate Modern exhibition of five centuries of British art and includes works from 2000 to today. Recent history has seen a number of crises and social injustices in Britain and the world such as Brexit, Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement to name only a few. The artworks in this room, react to these events and encourage reflection on the world we live in. Many are centred around Black British experiences, some tell stories of migration or of the lives of queer people such as Rene Matić’s photography. The artists share their lived experiences, reflecting on their lives and exploring what British culture and society are. This exhibition is well worth a visit not only for the great art shown but to engage with important social and political dialogue of our time.

written by Pia Gross (Inclusive Practice Partner Student SoAM)

Manifestation 2019/20 Oscar Murillo born 1986 Purchased with funds provided by the European Collection Circle 2022

Mutual Survival, Lorde’s Manifesto 2015 Paul Maheke born 1985 Purchased with funds provided by Tate International Council 2020

photograph of girl combing boys hair

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