Bharti Pharma print

Bharti Parmar 25th April 2018

Bharti Parmar is a visual artist and academic living and

working in the UK who has exhibited widely for over twentyfive

years. Her work is about the intersections between art

and craft and is informed by an interest in taxonomy,

geometry and pattern. Her concerns are situated partly

within the Surrealist-derived engagement with the

‘overlooked’ (once popular artforms or amateur art

practices), and also within non-Eurocentric perspectives and

debates to thinking about art and culture. The work is

presented in a variety of formats ranging from print,

photographic installation, sculpture to embroidery. Bharti

Parmar was born in Leeds, UK in 1966 and studied at the

Royal College of Art London. She has a doctorate in fine

art which examines the poetics of Victorian material culture.

Bharti Parma artwork


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