loss and transience


loss and transience

Still from Fables from the House of Ibaan, 2007: Ranbir Singh Kaleka
Dr Lucía King, Lecturer in Moving Image with Rashmi Sawhney have curated a groundbreaking new online showcase of contemporary films exploring  Asian perspectives on loss and environmental change.
Loss & Transience brings together moving image artworks and documentary films by ten contemporary artists/filmmakers living and working in India today, or artists of Indian heritage based internationally. The films are linked by their protagonists’ state of transience at key moments, which provide insights into how day-to-day realities are being catalysed to affect change – while reflecting on present political and environmental concerns.
Loss & Transience combines a physical exhibition at the Hong-gah Museum in Taiwan (12 March-2 May) with a series of online showcases of works from the exhibition. Between 19-27 March, for example, people can register to see five films from the exhibition on a rolling programme running round-the-clock. The films are:

Ranbir Singh Kaleka: Man with Cockerel, 2004 (6 mins) & Forest, 2007 (16 mins)
Avijit Mukul Kishore: The Garden of Forgotten Snow, 2017 (30 mins)
Mochu: Wake, 2008 (15 mins)
Ranu Mukherjee: Home and the World, 2015 (5 mins)
Gigi Scaria: No Parallels, 2010 (6 mins) & Political Realism, 2009 (3 mins)

On 20 March, meanwhile, there will be a Webinar hosted by videoclub at 11am-1pm GMT, 7-9 pm Taiwan time, 4.30-6.30pm India Standard Time (IST). This includes an introduction to the exhibition by Dr King and fellow curator Rashmi Sawhney, plus an interactive artist’s talk with film-maker Gigi Scaria.

Still from Home and the World, 2015: Ranu Mukherjee

People can also register for a Webinar hosted by Hong-gah Museum on 27 March at 11am-1pm GMT, 7-9 pm Taiwan time and 4.30-6.30pm IST. This will air on the Museum’s Facebook page.  There will again be a curators’ introduction, followed by a talk between filmmaker Avijit Mukul Kishore and visual artist Nilima Sheikh about their collaboration on the film Garden of Forgotten Snow. There will also be an appearance by guest artist Kuei-Pi Lee.

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