A black women with albinism looks sideways at the camera


A black woman looking away from the camera

“There is more to hair than washing, combing and cutting. It is an extraordinary fibre with a range of unexpected possibilities.”

This new exhibition puts the substance before the style and unlocks the untold stories of hair.

A black man with vitiligo in the centre of his face

From jewellery and dresses to armour and environmental protection, the show highlights the qualities of hair as a material. It also explores our complex relationship with hair both on, and off, our heads – how and why we care so much about our hair, and how hair is entangled with society’s expectations and our relationships to others.

Weaving in stories from Forest Hill hairdressers to the global hair trade, and featuring the work of artists, filmmakers, designers and members of the public, Hair: Untold Stories is intimate, surprising and wide-ranging.

Experience the personal and communal space found in the barbershop installation and film, from the Migration Museum’s Room to Breathe exhibition.

A corner of a hairdressers

The exhibition also features an installation from Korantema Anyimadu. The hair shop installation explores the experiences of Black women and non-binary people with their hair in the UK.

For more information on the Horniman Museum website. The exhibition is open daily (apart from Wednesday) until 19th June 2022 and entrance is free

All images provided by Davina Hawthorne


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