3-4 June 2019
A research workshop hosted by the Centre for Design History and University of Brighton Design Archives


Harriet Atkinson (UoB Centre for Design History); Jeremy Aynsley (UoB Centre for Design History); Sue Breakell (UoB Design Archives); Lesley Whitworth (UoB Design Archives)

This workshop is intended to bring together researchers interested in the theme of modern typography and graphic design, their networks and developments seen through the lens of an expanded field. Liaising with researchers from the Swiss Graphic Design and Typography Revisited research project, Bern University, www.sgdtr.ch and invited participants, our aim is to develop new understandings of the topic, the place of the archive, and to discuss further research collaborations. The Design Archives hold part of designer and writer Richard Hollis’ archives https://archiveshub.jisc.ac.uk/designarchives/data/gb1837-des/hol and those of designer Anthony Froshaug http://arts.brighton.ac.uk/collections/design-archives/archives/anthony-froshaug-archive2.

The closed workshop is organised as an opportunity to share ideas, develop connections and engage with important archival holdings.

Day One will allow the opportunity for a review and extended discussion of a selection of the materials from the Design Archives.

Day Two will be organised around a workshop, when participants will make short presentations leading to responses and discussion. We hope that the concluding session will turn towards planning possible next steps for continuing this research initiative.

Harriet Atkinson, University of Brighton
Jeremy Aynsley, University of Brighton
Sue Breakell, Design Archives, University of Brighton
Dora Souza Dias (PhD), University of Brighton
David Fornari, ECAL
Robert Harland, Loughborough University
Jessica Jenkins, Falmouth University
Robert Lzicar, University of Bern
Zeina El Maasri, University of Brighton
Sandy Jones (MA), University of Brighton
Tania Messell, University of Brighton
Vaibhav Singh, University of Reading
Priscila Farias, University of São Paulo