Graduates 2023: Callum Howat-Tracy: MA Sequential Design/Illustration

“There’s a guest lecture every week from industry professionals, who have a great deal of experience to learn from. The creative workshops were great fun too.”

 Please tell us a bit about your work and your influences

I have been making animated loops for watercolour studies of our built environments; my intention is to capture transitory phases of modernist architecture and neutrally present them to bring an eye to these otherwise ignored commercial ziggurats and their relation to the environment. I am trying to reflect on the intentions of architects like Le Corbusier, who had wonderful altruistic intentions, and how far we removed we have become from that base. This is a neutral stance as I do think these megastructures can be quite beautiful, but I do want to call attention to how we think about infrastructure and the cultural impact infrastructure has on us as individuals. This project has also opened up to further animated watercolour loops working toward a short film about an excavational dig on an island, the antithesis of what I am doing in my main project.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey to you course and made you choose it?

Having studied film at degree level and working in moving image for a while, I moved over to higher education where I have been supporting an animation degree as a Technician Demonstrator. Having done that for a few years gave me the itch to continue my own education and further my art and myself as a practitioner. Painting and illustration being another passion of mine, the Sequential Design course seemed to be a no brainer.

What were the highlights of the course for you?

There’s a guest lecture every week from industry professionals, who have a great deal of experience to learn from. The creative workshops were great fun too.

Was the location of your course in Brighton important?

Absolutely, Brighton is a wonderful creative hub but also a very community-driven, jolly city. It’s hard to feel not part of something here; it’s all the fun of London with a beach to boot.

What are your plans after graduation? What’s next for you?

I aim to continue to develop as a practitioner and find work in the animation and illustration industries respectively, from animated work to publishing and book design.

What advice would you give to someone considering doing postgraduate study?

Take your time to know yourself and your practice before you commit, creative experimentation is more enjoyable if you know to what end you are experimenting. But absolutely do it, postgraduate study is a wonderful experience.


All images are stills from animations.


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