Graduates 2022: Matthew Dardart: Fine Art: Sculpture

I am interested in the language between contrasting materials when situated in the same body. I prefer to work in a more intuitive, less regimented way.

My sculptures become adventitious in this sense, and the final structures produced usually have a collage like style to them. I have become increasingly more interested in integrating manufactured objects in my sculpture as they provide narratives of nostalgia and material culture as well as having certain inherent qualities.

These objects I find influence my work by setting the task of integrating its form into a sculptural setting, one that separates it from its function. Contemporary artists that I follow also influence my work, especially ones that advocates the use less traditional methods and materials in their practice, such as, Nicolas Lamas and Jakub Choma. I hope to make sculpture that creates a space of understanding with no pre-judgment, one that encourages curiosity and presents different ways of seeing.

How have you found your course and time at Brighton?

Brighton is a fun city, and the sculpture course here has further boosted my interest in arts whilst giving me the confidence to better articulate my ideas. Missing out on the full experience of the first two years was a bit rubbish but getting to properly meet and interact with tutors and students from all courses this year has been really beneficial and opened up many opportunities for me.


How did you choose your course – why did you choose to study Fine Art?

I chose to study Sculpture in Brighton as it seemed like the best place to go to continue to pursue my interest. I knew I would be provided with the freedom to expand my ideas and ways of thinking. Plus, it’s not far from home.


What are your plans after graduation?

I’ll try to carry on with making as much as I can, whilst deciding what the next step is. Will probably have to get a Job. The dream would be to have a shared studio space in London where I can carry making sculptures with minimal limitations. I will hopefully be a part of some more exhibitions too.


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