Graduates 2022: Lauren Hextall: Fashion Communication

“There’s a creative community amongst everyone that feels inspiring and supportive”

I have a documentary style of creating, mostly using photography and writing. I found a fascination in studying Diane Arbus’s work, specifically in her process and the debates that respond to her images. Arbus, mostly, chose to document people on the margins of society and viewers have discussed how these images risk
exploiting the subject. This debate forces us to consider both the photographer’s and the viewer’s role, and influence, in the reception of an image. I enjoy the concept of our minds eye effecting how we each read imagery, and this is why I chose to photograph strangers. Reflecting on my images with written pieces allows me to pay attention to why I chose that moment and that subject to capture. Being aware of behaviour and considering our own judgment are processes that inspire my work.

How have you found your time at Brighton?
My time on the Fashion Communication course has been made by the interactions with other students and discussions with the tutors. There’s a creative community amongst everyone that feels inspiring and supportive. The best moments are when I show my work to someone in the room and they see it with a whole different perspective to me, it opens up my thinking and makes me develop myself as a creative. Mostly, it is the discourse that surrounds art that interests me more than the final product.

How did you choose your course?

I chose the course due to the history element. Prior to the course I was studying history and politics, but knew I wanted to articulate myself in a more creative manner. The history modules allowed me to work in a format I was used to whilst the fashion modules challenged my thinking, it took me a while to successfully
communicate my ideas visually, but I knew how connected politics and art are and enjoyed how the research in the history modules impacted our creating in the fashion modules.

What are your plans after graduating?

After graduation I intend on continuing to create work and gain experience that is targeted towards creating a stronger documentary photographer portfolio. Working at a picture desk would be a valuable experience as well as observing production of other photographers and continuing my social media presence for people to interact with my work, as it is both mine and the viewer’s experience with imagery that I am interested in. Something I am consistently focused on is finding value in my work, figuring out what the world needs creatively and attending to that. I have attached some examples of my work that illustrate my FMP.

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