Graduate Show 2019: Clara Calladine: Architecture

 Throughout my architectural studies the notion of process and journey has always inspired my work.

How the body sits in a space, the paths of desire and how architecture heavily influences our decisions. My work is processed based, exploring different avenues, learning from these and letting what I’ve learnt influence my design. Often I work inside out. Creating a routine or following a pre-existing process creating an architecture that reflects this and inhabits it. In this way it is less about the aestetic value of a building and more how it is well designed for the function.

My studio, Lead by Graham Perring, focus’ heavily on context whether it be a reflection of the past, to inhabit the needs of the present and use the natural processes to create mediative architecture. Bridging between our senses and the physical world beyond, we look for ways to create buildings which articulate connection between body and landscape. These connections relate to elements such as topography, geographic and climatic conditions, resources and occupancy. Therefore, architecture is conceived as an instrument which has potential to build relationships with and convey new understandings of the world we live in .

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Please tell us about your final year project

 My final year design project steamed from my first term investigations of site which encouraged community engagement in the area as it is heavily underused, focusing around the bus stop and how the bus stop can act as a social stimulus. In doing so I created a system of pressing objects into wax representing a fragment of a memory.

Taking into consideration of these themes my second term project focused around dementia. Initial exploration of the sea front located site lead to ideas of view and desire initiating an interested of using desire as a tool for architecture as those with dementia often have a side effect of wandering, seemingly aimlessly. My aim was to create a protected space that didn’t have an authoritative atmosphere and instead was a reflection of a family home, spreading out into the city and integrating an otherwise forgotten and overlooked part of society. Creating spaces aimed at reminiscence to allow for story telling and finding joy in memories.

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How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

My time at University of Brighton has been engaging, exciting and challenging. The studio space and bond created between friends, tutors and staff has been a special experience to me that I will always hold dear to me. Brighton is a diverse and exploratory place with something always happening, its a brilliant city to be a student in and has something for everyone.  

What are your plans after Graduation?

Although I don’t have any definite plans, a fun summer is needed after which I will apply to Part 1 places in London to work and get my foot into the world of professional architecture. However, there are still many other routes and careers paths I want to explore around architecture like curation, design and marketing.

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