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Graduates 2024: Gregory Boyd: Games Art and Design

“My favourite part of my studies would be presenting my work in progress to my lecturers and my classmates . This helped me gain confidence in speaking up, and also led to receiving helpful feedback on my projects.”

Please tell us a bit about your work and your influences

“My project is a simple card game which has the goal of not only entertaining viewers for the playing side of the cards themselves but to also intrigue and inspire viewers with the unique designs that I have created for each illustrated character. Each project I have taken part in during my course has helped me understand and test my skills as a concept artist.”

What made you choose your course?

“I had chosen my course because it is a mix of two main hobbies of mine which is both gaming and art.”

Can you tell us about your favourite part of your studies and how it helped the development of you and your practice?

“I think my favourite part during my studies would have to be when I would present my work in progress to not only my lecturers but my classmates too. this not only helped me gain confidence in speaking up, but it also led to receiving helpful feedback on my project to develop it even further.”

Can you tell us about any staff who particularly inspired you?

“Darius Malek, who is my course lecturer helped inspire me by giving very helpful 1 to 1’s and would always be open for any feedback needed too.”

Can you tell us your plans after graduation?

“After graduation I hope to not only be a freelance artist on the side but to look out for any jobs relating to my talents in either Concept art or Graphics design. I also hope to explore and experiment with other skills in my free time by testing out other programs and perhaps look into 3D work.”

Finally if you could give your 17 year old self any advice about going to university what would it be?

“When I was 17 I was exploring different types of media because I didn’t know if my artwork was going to improve any further. So if I were to give my 17-year-old self any advice I would tell them to keep practising drawing no matter what, even if it’s just drawing for 10 minutes a day it always makes a difference and helps improve. That technique is something I do every day and its really helped with my skills.”

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