Graduate Show 2019: Ella Krill: Illustration

I’ve always been drawn towards the devious idea of the unconventional. The space between what is and what isn’t. Anything, something or nothing.

I’ve dance with concepts such as Absurdism and Cybernetic Existentialism, and mainly work in digital mediums such as sound and video. I like accidents and mistakes which has recently taken its form in my work through exploring glitching. Additionally, I have a sketchbook impulse.  Inside and outside of projects. Day and night. I always have one with me. Resulting in vast quantity of writing and drawing.

Hand drawing skull

Please tell us about your final year project
My final project was an exploration into the light hearted topic of VIRTUAL IMMORTALITY. I researched all levels of fun and produced a few poems which I used to create two 360 / VR videos. I severely enjoy this idea of fully entering a virtual and non-physical space. It’s not real but it is. Ooo.

Indefinable images burned into each other

How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

An aspect of the course that I have thoroughly enjoyed is the encouragement and freedom to explore essentially anything I’ve wanted to. Although the course is Illustration, it isn’t confined to traditional perceptions of ‘just drawing and stuff’. Throughout the three years I’ve explored and discovered so many things about what I like and how I work.

Digital collage

What are your plans after Graduation?

After crying for a bit I would like to work on projects and commissions, while also identifying what roles I’d be good at.

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