Graduate Show 2019: Ollie John: 3D Design and Craft

My work ranges from product based design to informative sculpture using materials appropriate for purpose.

As I’ve progressed through university, light has become a constant part of each project I’ve created. Pursuing this route for 3rd year meant I had a perfect excuse to let loose and exploring what effects I could create with endless possibilities of colours, tones, shapes and intensities.

Light has become my medium, by drawing lines to create framework, I translate directly into metal structures that I can fabricate. My main influences come from designers and artists such as Olafur Eliasson, James Turrell and Conrad Shawcross, all crossing between engineered metal work to huge installation spaces. As well as taking inspiration from first hand sources and interactions with light.

Image of lamp structure

Please tell us about your final year project

Light can affect us by generating feelings of warmth and comfort, it can change how we feel within a space, my final year project is called ‘Reflections of light’. It seeks out ways of shaping light through reflections, the very act of achieving this has pushed me to explore various components that need the ability to move within the structures. By using textured metals with mirrored finishes, projections of light shapes are directed into spaces and onto paper. The combination of installation lighting and interactive pieces allows for elements of play, this exemplifies the way I work with light. Tilting, twisting, flexing and shifting are all actions that can immediately change the direction and type of light that’s emitted.

Image of refracted light

How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

I have absolutely loved it, sharing workshops with everyone on the course makes it feel like a real team. The abundance of creative people allows for working on collaborations with other courses such as sound engineering, sculpture, painting and many more.

The skills I have learnt over the past few years have allowed me to take what I thought was something I simply enjoyed to making it my true passion. This course has pushed me to critically question the way objects are designed, made and manufactured, with economical, ethical and environmental concerns. 3D Design and Craft is a forward-thinking course and I couldn’t speak highly enough of it and all the technicians and tutors.


What are your plans after Graduation?

I have a job offer from David Harber sculptures to work as a design engineering apprentice. I’ve worked there for the past 2 summers as a workshop assistant in the stone barn.

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