Graduate Show 2019: Ola Teper: Photography

During my last year at university I developed an interest in the objecthood of a photograph and its relation to memory.

Combining my previous interest in psychology I started to observe how photographs are approached and what purpose do they serve in our daily lives. Currently I am developing alternative printing techniques that serve both as a metaphor to how memory acts and as a mode of bringing the attention to the surface of the print itself.

Can you tell us about your final year project?

My final project is called “An Active Grasp” and it’s a study of photographs as objects that are able to convey memory. In this project I am photographing objects that I inherited from my home and which produce an emotional response in me. Through experimentation with printing I’m looking for ways of interrupting that process. The distortion and the unfixed state of these prints serve as a metaphor to memory as something unstable and susceptible to change. The wet surface reacts to the environment and collects dust. This distortion triggers the viewer’s interaction with the image: as something that is not just transparently given, but which requires retrieval. Looking at such photograph then becomes an active grasp, when only the shapes suggest what the objects might be.

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How have you found your time at Brighton?
The last three years at the University of Brighton was a time where I could push my practice to a new level. Having access to a range of professionals that come from different backgrounds and have different ways of working, whether other students or tutors, helped me to define my own interest and discover new things. I found my time in here really precious.

What are your future plans?

My plans after the graduation is actually to stay here to do MA course in Photography starting this September. I decided to progress into the MA here because I feel I want to develop my practice further.

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