Graduates 2018: Katie Fitzgibbon: Graphic Design

My style of work is quite clean. I’m really interested in photography, especially documentary photography.

My final year project is a documentary on men’s competitive pole dancing. I was inspired to do another documentary project following one of the initial projects we were set where I explored the Brighton Sea Swimming Club. 

 Mens competitive pole Dancing

How did you find the course at Brighton? 

Studying Graphic Design at Brighton has been great. I love the fact that we share our studio with Illustration—there’s a real bond between the two courses which has resulted in a completely unique and wonderful studio culture. This has been one of the highlights of studying at Brighton. 

7AM Swimming

What have you taken away from the course/time at Brighton?

Over my past three years at Brighton University my work has become much more immersive through exploring working with different materials and formats. An example of this would be learning skills such as how to book bind—something which I’ve found to be a crucial element to my degree. I’ve discovered a love for editorial design and also project management. 

7Am Swimmers

What are your plans after Graduation?

I’m hoping to start working within the creative industry as soon as I can! 

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