A reflection on my initial mission statement


My original mission statement at the beginning of the project was that I had identified that consumer habits of over consumption is fuelling the market of fast fashion and has now become a way of life and there is a need to attract a younger audience regarding the reuse of clothing as they are one of the most influential consumer groups in the fast fashion retail market. This has remained the same throughout the project with the intention to experiment with the aesthetic to initially attract the audience whilst ensuring it portrays the beauty of nature through colour and image.


The main platform for the action of this project was to create a swap website which I have achieved but throughout my research and experimentation some elements have changed. When developing my ideas, I decided that the promotional video will be the main aspect to my swap website, which features the beauty of nature, animal welfare and the representation of human’s role in saving the environment through moving image and text. Adding in the aspect of colour and imagery to attract the younger audience I decided to create three individual editorials representing different ways of benefiting the environment and reducing over consumption. As a result of this I decided to create a zine to go alongside the website which features the three editorials which are also interactive. I decided to use Instagram as the social media platform for the swap website where it promotes tips and information about the fashion industry along with beneficial ways to improve sustainability. I also planned to create a page on the website that gives advice on how to host a swap party but instead I actually went ahead and co-hosted a swap party in a pop-up venue in Brighton and created a short video that will also feature on the website to inspire others.


The initial aim of my project was to create a platform that brought people together whilst benefiting the environment through the reuse of clothing and reducing the over consumption of fast fashion. I feel my platform has achieved this aim, by creating a website that contains a promotional video along with colourful and informative editorials to attract the target demographic along with the interactive zine and social media platform. I feel my project will have the possibility to reach out to the millennials to encourage a change in their shopping habits and teach them to find a new respect for their clothing and the environment.

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