Fashion Revolution – Who Made My Clothes

Fashion Revolution believe in the values of people, the environment and profit in equal measure in the fashion industry. There goal is to unite people to create a better industry, changing the way we source, produce and consume our clothing for the better. They believe that collaborating between the supply chain, from the farmers to the consumer is the only way to transform the industry and I strongly agree with this statement.


Fashion Revolution Day. A year after one of the worst structural disasters in modern history, a garment factory, the Rana Plaza collapsed killing 1,135 people and injuring around 2,500. Fashion Revolution teamed up with the Fair Trade Foundation to create a movement to raise awareness of the problems in the fashion industry. It’s a who made my clothes campaign called ‘Fashion Revolution Day’ where people turn their clothing inside out so that the label is shown and photographs them wearing it, posts it on social media using the hashtag #insideout. It’s to show appreciation to the many people who made that garment and to call out to fashion companies to enclose where our clothes are really made, and by who. 

I love this campaign by Fashion Revolution, the images of the garment workers shown in their working environments makes it very personal. It does make me think, when I wear a garment, that I don’t know who it was made by, most likely by garment workers who are suffering in various countries, these are the factors that we do not consider, which i’m sure fashion revolution wanted to achieve through this campaign.

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  1. The Fashion Revolution organization has a commendable mission of promoting values that prioritize people, the environment, and profit equally in the fashion industry. Their approach of fostering collaboration throughout the supply chain, from farmers to consumers, is crucial for transforming the industry for the better. The Fashion Revolution Day campaign, initiated in response to the Rana Plaza tragedy, effectively raises awareness about the problems within the fashion industry and encourages consumers to consider the individuals behind their clothing. It serves as a powerful reminder to acknowledge and appreciate the often unseen and underprivileged garment workers who contribute to our fashion choices.

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