Minimalism Documentary

Minimalism is a documentary focusing on the life changing benefits and effects of a minimalist lifestyle choice. It’s about the consumer economy, we are fuelled by an illusion on what our lives should look like.

Everyday you see advisement whether it’s beauty, fashion, technology etc. on all types of platforms from large billboards and TV adverts to an Instagram post on your phone. It’s everywhere! It makes you believe that your lives should be perfect, which is far from reality for most of us. It talks about what’s important in life, things that make you happy. We bring things into our lives without a thought we are just told by the media that we need them and it will make us happy.

We have created a habit of buying excessive amount of things that bring no value what so ever to our lives but takes our hard earned money. People living in enormous homes, filling it with objects they never use or need, space they never use but pay for. Fast Fashion, a cycle of 52 seasons per year, they want us to feel like your out of trend so that to you buy again the week after, and this has become a habit most of us are doing without realising. We buy to fulfil a void and we keep looking but it never gets fulfilled. As consumers, we need to be concerned about quality and not quantity. An example was getting rid of any times that can cause you any sort of unnecessary stress such as an overflowing wardrobe of clothes we never wear. This habit of constant need to consume apposed to just thinking about what is necessary in our lives may just be the step in the direction we need to take to ensure a happy life and habitable environment.



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