27th February

As the Trustees of New England Wood’s AGM looms closer and closer, now is the time to reflect on the last year of volunteer activity. To those who cannot make the meeting on Tuesday 7th March at 8.15 in Queens Hall, Cuckfield, the managers report I will have to deliver, will talk about the main activities we have been involved with, that is ‘Pathways’ and ‘Everything Else’. So this weeks pictures reflect those two themes. It was a typical English day which started cloudy, a little sunshine broke through and then rain settled in for the rest of the day. John and I noted that all the drainage systems we had buried underneath pathways were working well and they need to be flushed through whilst the weather is still wet. I must also mention that a huge load of wood chippings have been delivered in the dry weather window last week, which meant the upper field was not too damaged by the tractors wheels. John’s chainsaw was put to good use this week clearing a path and cutting bowl blanks for a student at the University of Brighton.

pathway construction continues to use up previously coppiced hazel poles.
a fallen silver birch lays across a path
John very kindly cuts pieces of sycamore and birch for a student to turn on a lathe and then comes across a potential oak drain pipe

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