20th Feb 17

Last Monday I was in Madrid with 28 students on a study trip but the weather was pretty much the same as here in our woodland. Today the clouds slowly parted half way through the morning to allow sunshine to pour down on us as we made a new path across a very heavily muddied and wide pathway. We noticed the bluebells starting to poke their leaves through and we decided spring must be some where behind. Soon after we all saw a deer gallop past us being followed by a small yappy dog, an odd sort of balance between nature and domestic. There was a collective sense of the woodland beginning to change again as we all focused on building the new stretch of pathway. As a consequence of this, we worked extremely hard and accomplished far more than I thought we would. The cover picture shows how valuable and necessary the new paths are.
I am sorry to end on a sad note but one of our faithful volunteers was taken ill and could not join us. I sincerely hope he makes a recovery and can come back to our beautiful woodland soon.

the first stages of path construction over a heavily muddied patch
progressing along and narrowing the width of the pathway
John has found a way of holding a wooden stake ready for David to hammer it in. A good example of heath and safety in action
a very creative departure from our usual method of path construction

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