6th February 17

The most noticeable thing about today’s walk into the wood was the sound of running water coursing through the little streams. With the extra rainfall recently, the pathway system has reverted to boggy patches where we have not managed to lay cut coppice and wood chippings but the good news is the steps either side of Derek’s bridge are safe and complete. We also welcomed a new comer to the volunteer group Jill – Last week I went on a first aid training course and missed the mornings work. It made me review our first aid box and consider plans to act should anything untoward happen. Naturally the volunteers offered their own grisly stories of maiming, sudden health collapses and catastrophic events, which only goes to show how supportive they are and how much they enjoy a good story – whatever the outcome! Which brings me to the roped off area that appears to look like a crime scene from Midsommer Murders – what on earth has happened here? Well, a dogwood tree was accidentally coppiced by a mystery person, so we have surrounded the remaining trees with ‘hi-viz’ tape to protect them. Its likely the cut down dogwood will sprout new shoots and grow again happily in a DIY – first aid – sort of way!

the water levels are higher than any time this year
We welcome our newest volunteer
the steps leading to Derek’s bridge was completed today thanks to Carol, Liz and Tim
David and John continue with their excellent work converting coppiced hazel into woodland products

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