Learning To Look: a photography course for medical students

“It has made me look, listen and think. Alerted all my senses to hopefully make me a better doctor…”

Learning to Look was located in the Brighton & Sussex Medical School. In conjunction with the Brighton Photo Biennial, LearnHigher and Inqbate CETLs funded a photography course designed to develop medical students’ observation skills. The course used the practice and theory of photography to explore the connections between the skills needed to practice medicine, particularly diagnosis, and those needed to produce photographs. Students were encouraged to analyse the relationship between medicine and art, and to recognise the transferability of their skills across both fields. Continue reading

Winckler: Digital Photography Project

Learn Higher provided funding for two digital Fuji SLRs and an Apple Mac to support a project involving 62 students over two semesters as part of an elective module in Digital Photography for students from Information Studies/Information Management, Media & Communication, and Communication & Digital Media courses. None of these students study photography as a main subject; instead the courses are ‘theory heavy’ and essay/exam based, and the students have few opportunities or outlets to explore their own creativity. Continue reading