Cattaneo: Poster presentations

A LearnHigher-funded project to explore the use of posters as a visual aid, in order to improve the learning experience of both presenters and audience, in assessed presentations for the Cultural and Supporting Studies (CASS) component of the Art, Design and Media BA (Hons) programmes at Northbrook College.

After having opportunities to use both Powerpoint slides and handmade posters to support seminar presentations, students were surveyed about their experiences. Although around half preferred the logical structure imposed by Powerpoint helpful when preparing their talk, around 75% preferred presenting with posters ( ‘I felt more focussed and in control’, ‘I remembered more’,, ‘It was good to have all the information on view at the same time’.) . Presenters and audience found the follow-up discussions more useful (There was discussion, rather than just questions & answers’, ‘People seemed to be more involved’‘ ‘The variety of styles for the posters made them more interesting to look at.’)

Use the links to see Jac Cattaneo’s full project report  Cattaneo Holistic Assessment report July 2008 and the guide she subsequently produced with her students Making posters to support a research presentation

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