Winckler: Digital Photography Project

Learn Higher provided funding for two digital Fuji SLRs and an Apple Mac to support a project involving 62 students over two semesters as part of an elective module in Digital Photography for students from Information Studies/Information Management, Media & Communication, and Communication & Digital Media courses. None of these students study photography as a main subject; instead the courses are ‘theory heavy’ and essay/exam based, and the students have few opportunities or outlets to explore their own creativity.
The project’s aim was to give students space and time within the module to be fully creative and to use photography as a tool to find out more about themselves and their transition into adult life.  Students use the cameras to document themselves and comment on how they represent their different identities/perceptions, individually and in small groups.

A structured learning approach was offered that gave students a framework for developing visual awareness and visual literacy skills. Students were encouraged to learn to observe, imagine, express and record their ideas visually and in workbooks.They were taught to consider visual design when composing an image, and to reflect on what they want to communicate when framing a subject.

See the  Project Report by Julia Winckler

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