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“Hi, how do you feel after the picket? I was there this morning and my spirit was up. But I went back home and read the email sent by VC that was aimed at all the university students and tears rolled down my cheeks. I hope you don’t mind sharing my feelings with you about this. I felt so overwhelmed and cheated somehow. You see, I lost my job like many and went to education, with hope that this experience alone and the institution represented something very powerful in my mind… knowledge, facts, science. All those things I wanted to be a part of.

So, it’s my first year and this year alone it’s been difficult as it is, and I walk into my first year with a great excitement and it’s a proud moment also, because I considered it one of the best decision I made… To quickly find, this is no different to what I have been trying to escape from this whole time. I am tired of deception and lies, I am tired that people are more persuaded by a lie than a truth, I am tired seeing good people suffer and that money and power rule the world.

The email that I mentioned at the beginning, the one from VC it’s all about how it’s not what it seems to be, and it’s not that bad and it will be better…. I follow news , some politicians and I might not know it all but I surely know when something isn’t right. Tell me please. What else can we do? I am currently writing my own letter to VC, I heard the letters from students don’t get a personal reply from VC, I am going to write it anyway and if I have to, I will post it.

Alicja, First year BA English Language undergraduate”

Sending support to all those on strike at the University of Brighton. Retraining and redeployment should be the strategy.

Teresa O’Brien

Lewes Labour Party Seaford and Newhaven Branch

Sending solidarity support to you on your forthcoming days of action.

It’s unfortunate to say the very least to see employers using Covid as a means of cutting jobs of hard working people who provide an essential service.

Winston Richards. Communication Workers Union. Greater London Combined Branch.

I’m writing on behalf of the Sheffield Hallam UCU branch to wish you solidarity with your members taking strike action today to protect the jobs of your IT support workers. This is a time when employers should be investing not disinvesting in their staff.

Solidarity! Sheffield Hallam UCU branch

Solidarity and support for your industrial action today. Hopefully your employers will see sense and abolish all the proposed redundancies. I am very grateful for the support I have received from IT staff. All universities need them and more of them rather than less. Best wishes. Marion

Glasgow UCU and UCU NEC

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