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Your voice shapes our university: Apply to be a Student Reviewer

Do you want to get paid to shape the courses that we offer, and boost your employability skills? We have an exciting opportunity for you to join our Student Reviewers pilot – where student representatives help to approve new courses at the university and review existing ones. This vacancy is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to ensure that student experience is kept at the heart of our learning and teaching.

What does the role involve?

Validation panels set out the standards that each new course must meet, before it is approved for teaching and review existing courses to ensure their validation standards still apply. Each panel is made up of University of Brighton staff, external experts – such as academics from other institutions – and a Student Reviewer. The Student Reviewer’s job is to give insight into the student experience and ensure this is kept at the heart of the quality process. As a Student Reviewer, you will have to review course documentation, and provide written and oral feedback on it, at various stages of the validation process. You will be fully trained and supported by the Quality and Standards team, to give you the confidence and skills needed to make a valued contribution, including participating in at least one event during the academic year.

What are the benefits of being a Student Reviewer?

Being a Student Reviewer means you get the opportunity to actively shape our university, to ensure that everyone is getting the student experience that they deserve. Student Reviewers will be paid £9.80 per hour (up to a max. of £200) per event plus expenses (subject to prior agreement). The role will also provide you with experience and skills which will enhance your CV, such as working in a professional setting, providing feedback on behalf of the student body, and working with a range of people from across the university.

How do I apply?

To apply for the post of Student Reviewer you must be:

  • an undergraduate student with at least one year’s experience of studying at the University of Brighton OR
  • a postgraduate student from any year of study with at least one year’s experience of studying in higher education.

Roles are normally held for two years, or for the remaining duration of your study at the University of Brighton, whichever is shortest.

Please read the full job description, and then request a copy of the application form from Quality and Standards Officer Caroline Demetriades:

The form must be completed and returned by Friday 10 December 2021.

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Alice Maguire • 26 November 2021

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