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Observing Ramadan 2021

Many Muslim students will be fasting during the month of Ramadan, which falls this year between Monday 12 April and Wednesday 12 May. We’re committed to supporting students who will be observing this holy month.

Ramadan at home

We recognise that in 2021 Ramadan will be a very different experience for many Muslims students. While restrictions are more relaxed than last year with some activities allowed in mosques, many Muslims will still largely be observing Ramadan from home.

The Muslim Council of Britain has some useful tips on observing Ramadan from home, including specific tips for students who are studying at home during Ramadan.

Religious observance during exams

If you have concerns about Ramadan coinciding with any examinations, catch-up workshops / sessions or placements being held during the Summer Term, you should speak to your Course Leader or your Student Support and Guidance Tutor (SSGT).

We aim to treat requests regarding religious observance with understanding and consistency.

See our Religious observance during exams guidance

Fasting during exam time

With some exams, catch-up workshops and placements falling during Ramadan, you may be feeling anxious about performing your best while fasting. Take a few minutes to review Muslim Hands’ Top 10 tips for surviving exams during Ramadan.

You may also find the Ramadan Health Guide by Communities in Action in partnership with the NHS helpful. The British Nutrition Foundation has also put together some useful information.

Prayer and wash rooms

Current government guidance requires the university to limit the number of people on campus. To ensure the university fulfils this requirement, the prayer spaces are only open for individual prayer and Friday communal prayers are suspended until government guidance changes. The maximum room capacity has also been reduced to help with social distancing.

Whilst the university prayer rooms are only open for individual prayer, some mosques are still open for communal prayer and activities for Ramadan. Prayer opportunities and activities for Ramadan may also be available online. Contact the Islamic Students Society at for further information.

Find out more about our opportunities for worship on campus

Getting support

The university’s Faith and Spirituality Team can provide a range of support to students of faith or no faith. They can be contacted at

Or if you need further advice and support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Student Wellbeing team.

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Robin Coleman • 31 March 2021

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