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Getting the most out of your money

It’s not unusual to worry about money as a student but there is support there for you if you’re having a hard time.

Think about how much you’re going to spend every month

When you get a lump sum of money like your student loan, you should try and think about how much you’ll need of it every month or every week so that you aren’t tempted to spend lots of it all at once.

BRJAN6Learn from your experiences

If you’ve had a month where you’ve overspent, think about why you did and how you can avoid it in the future.

Don’t bury your head in the sand              

Dodging your online banking after a heavy weekend? It might be tempting to avoid looking at your bank balance or checking statements, but regardless of what you’ve spent, it’s better to know where you stand with your money.

Look for a job

If you’re finding it hard to manage with the money that you do have, you could always look for a part time job. There are often job vacancies at the university and Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings are great places to find work that fits around your studies. Get in touch with an advisor from the Careers Service, they can make you aware of current opportunities and help with CVs or applications. Email or call them on 01273 642 855.

Talk to someone

A problem shared is a problem halved; student advisors are trained to listen and help you with yours. They can give you advice on how to budget or help you apply for extra financial support like the Student Support Fund.

Get in touch with the Student Advice Service by emailing or giving them a call on 01273 642888.

Take a look at the Student Advice Service blog for fantastic money saving tips and other advice.

Watch this video for some ideas on how you can save money and make your loan last longer.

Ed Bending • 16 January 2015

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