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My lockdown experience

During lockdown many students were faced with adapting to new methods of learning, which presented some problems. However, there were several strategies which I developed for ensuring I stayed motivated during this difficult time.  

Remote learning  

Adapting to remote learning at first presented a few problems, one of which was that you were not within the normal learning environment, which many university students are used to. Luckily the university provided alternative solutions for the continuation of my course, such as lectures with audio added, where the lecturers run through each slide thoroughly, providing students with all necessary key information to do with the topic being discussed.  

Moreover, another solution which was implemented was a tab called ask a question, where students could write a question which would be posted in with the specific subject area. Lecturers would answer the question given, as well as providing examples to help students understand that area in the module better.  


During the lockdown I have taken time to ensure that I look after my mental health. This was achieved by setting out a few hours a day to do some form of exercise: running, cycling, dance etc. which helped me to stay positive and motivated.  

The university of Brighton has a lot of support in place for wellbeing and mental health. The student support and guidance tutors can help with: homesickness / loneliness, accommodation issues, problems with adapting to study, course difficulties and other stress-related issues (applications, mitigating circumstances, bullying and harassment).  

Social life  

We luckily live in a world with several effective ways to communicate with others, social media provides a platform for staying in contact with others. Skype and whatsapp have helped me to stay in contact with friends and family who I haven’t been able to see during the lockdown. Staying connected to people not only helps with keeping yourself positive but gives you time to spend with others, eg. gaming with friends, going for a walk, social distancing meet up.  

Support of friends and family  

I have ensured to balance my time between university work, socializing and going to work, with the help of my family and friends. Before the exam season, my friends and I had online study groups using microsoft teams, where we ran over module content and tested each other on key areas in preparation for the exam. This is another effective way of supporting your friends with university work, as well as improving exam technique methods for studying.  

Anti-boredom strategies which I used during the lockdown  

I found that during the lockdown board games were a great way to prevent boredom from arising. They also gave me time away from electronics and university work, to just relax and have fun.  

Furthermore, reading for leisure is another strategy which has helped me to prevent boredom. Spending time reading books was a great way for me to relax and allow my imagination to run free. 


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Victoria Jarvis • 24th July 2020

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