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5 things I wish I had known before university

With a foundation degree in Sports Coaching and Development and now currently studying a BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science degree, I can safely say I’ve had a lot of learning opportunities and reflection on my experience thus far. As a second-year Sport and Exercise Science student at the University of Brighton, most of my course is mostly learning theories and concepts on how sport and exercise play a massive role in our everyday lives and well-being. Over the past year, I have learnt the inner workings of the human body and how you can use a combination of biomechanical, physiological and psychological principles to better adapt and prepare athletes or people with life-threatening health conditions to a life of fitness, health and well-being. With all that I have learnt, I will share some words of wisdom when it comes to preparing you for life at University.  

  • Looking after your physical and mental health is hugely important for getting through University at the same time as making unforgettable memories and learning how to keep on top of things while managing stress and anxiety.  
  • The first year does count as this sets you up with the tools and skills needed for the years to follow. This makes the foundation blocks of a more rounded student through developing critical thinking and research skills that help to score higher in future assessments. 
  • The Online Library is your secret weapon, and the platform you will probably be spending most of your time during assessment periods. The online library gives you access to published books and journals that otherwise would not be free or accessible over the internet. Taking advantage of this will make your life so much easier when searching for references to implement into your Einstein level essay writing. 
  • Networking is so vital for after you graduate that allows more job opportunities to be available to you when trying to secure a job after graduation. Also, making long-lasting connections with academic professionals may come in handy in the future. 
  • Budgeting your maintenance loan for the year is very important not only to have one less stress wavering overhead but also to focus more on studies and enjoying your time at University. 


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Jay Suter • 23rd July 2020

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