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Useful apps that every student needs

As every student knows, you are always looking for the best offer or cheapest deals to help you budget and save. It is always super handy when apps help you do this with everything from travel to socialising. Here are some of the main apps I have on my phone to help in my day to day living in Brighton (available on Apple and Android).


Travel apps

B&H Buses : Brighton and Hove Buses is the main operator of the network of buses that whizz around the city. By downloading the app you are able to get student tickets which you aren’t able to get on the bus. The app also lets you buy a range of tickets from single fare , to 90 day passes. 24-hour student tickets for £3.60 are a personal favourite. After you have purchased a ticket you need to activate the ticket and you will receive a QR code. All you need to do is scan when you get on a bus and the QR code will remain active for the time left on the ticket.

Trainline: If your looking to get from campus to city, trains are a quick and easy alternative to buses. This app allows you to check train times, prices and also allows you to purchase tickets. Being organised and booking in advance can save you money on your journey.

Social Bikes: Brighton and Hove city council introduced rental bikes to travel around the very bike friendly city. By downloading and registering on the app you will be allowed to take out bikes very similar to the Boris bikes found in London. You can also track where the nearest bikes are and all the journeys you have completed. For £1 you will get the bike for 35 minutes, and after that you will be charged per minute. The bikes are very affordable, easily accessible and great for summer weather.


Food, Drink and Social Apps

Yoyo Wallet: If your studying at Brighton uni, all shops, cafe’s and restaurants accept cash, cards, uni cards and also Yoyo. Yoyo is an app that allows you to purchase items by linking a credit or debit card to the app. When you get to the till you simply pay using a QR code given to you in the app, which takes the money out of your bank account. By buying items through the app you earn reward points which can be used to buy drinks, snacks or items of clothing from the Students’ Union Shop – an easy way to get something back from your spending.

Wriggle: This app has various food, drinks and activity deals in Brighton city. Pubs, restaurants and venues offer discounted items that you simply buy through the app. All you do is show your code to the person at the till to get your food/items. Common deals on burgers, pizza, drinks, and even pottery making are all offered on the app. This is a great way to eat out cheaply or do something a little different.

Too Good To Go: Various restaurants and food outlets around town post discounted food options that would otherwise be thrown out. Simply buy portions on the app and collect in store. Some very tasty foods for very affordable prices.


There are many other apps which can drastically change your uni experience – these are my favourite apps which I’d recommend for living in Brighton.


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Chris Hunter • 10th July 2019

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