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Are you being ripped off by fast food and fast food delivery companies?

The rising cost of bills and food in particular is high on everyone’s agenda as a further burden on the budget. This blog looks at how using regular fast food impacts, your budget, wellbeing and the environment

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University fund to help pay for deposit and guarantor schemes

The university has a one-off hardship fund which continuing students can apply to which is a contribution towards next year’s accommodation deposit or guarantor scheme

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Graduation Support Package for summer 2023 ceremonies

The university is providing a package of support for 40 graduands who are due to attend the summer ceremonies in July 2023

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Final year students deadlines for hardship fund applications

If you are a Home student in your final year of an undergraduate or PGCE course, and if you are experiencing financial hardship, then it’s not too late to apply for our Student Support Fund for some help from the University before your course ends

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How to eat well on a tight budget

This article on eating well on a tight budget brings together academic research, practical suggestions and local resources for you to consider and explore.

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International Student Hardship Fund

The University of Brighton has an International Student Hardship Fund for students who pay international tuition fees, and are experiencing temporary financial hardship.  

Continuing students can apply now for next year’s funding

Applications for funding for next academic year are now OPEN. The quickest and easiest way to apply is online through your Student Finance account or by using the  Student Finance portal.

3 Tips to help you save on your travel costs

This is a guest blog written by Brighton based student Stephanie who was voted by fellow students as best top tips winner Money Week 2023

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Money Mules – what are they, how can you protect yourself and how to spot an approach

Young people are increasingly the major victims of fraud. Victims don’t only lose their money – they can lose their family savings, their businesses, their trust in other people, their mental health and plenty more. This article gives advice on protecting yourself from Money Mules

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New hardship fund to help with deposit payments

The university has a range of hardship funds which students can apply for if they are experiencing  financial difficulties.
We have recently received an additional grant from the Office for Students to help support students in most financial need and we are using this to help students in different ways.

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