About the organisers

Photo of two young people speaking at the Big Resilience Get TogetherThe conference is being organised by a complex and passionate partnership – the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice at the University of Brighton in collaboration with the social enterprise Boingboing and HeadStart Blackpool, which is led by Blackpool Council, supported by the UK’s National Lottery Community Fund.

For four years, the University of Brighton’s Centre of Resilience for Social Justice has been working its own community network, Boingboing, alongside Blackpool Council and other partners on a Resilience Revolution which started in Blackpool, UK. The focus is using resilience approaches to develop new ways of working right across a whole town to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Together we’re now organising the world’s first Resilience Revolution conference. The conference is being co-designed and co-facilitated by various members of the Resilience Revolution, including young people and parents/carers, who are eager to share their expertise with the world; from sharing stories of hope to challenging inequalities within systems. Akin to the whole town approach to resilience in Blackpool, everybody involved in development will have a role in making the conference a positive, innovative and exciting event to be part of.

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