…and a massive thanks to

As well as our own amazing staff and associates – University of Brighton Centre of Resilience for Social Justice, Boingboing, Blackpool HeadStart Resilience Revolution – we’ve already got loads of people to thank.

The conference has been a team effort across different parts of the UK; it’s based on knowledge and experience of resilience that’s been building for many years. There are big institutions and fantastic individuals who’ve helped push the revolution forward.

We’ll be adding everyone as we go along, meanwhile here are some of the people without whom none of it would have started.

Direct funding for the Resilience Revolution conference

Thanks to those whose generosity is helping bring us all together to learn from and with the people of Blackpool

University of Brighton research Centre of Resilience for Social Justice

Led by Professor Angie Hart and working with the social enterprise network Boingboing, the centre instigated the conference based on its years of research in the discipline.

University of Brighton, School of Health Sciences

Academic school fostering education, research and community projects in healthcare, health sciences and wellbeing

University of Brighton, Responsible Futures

The university’s five Brighton Futures tackle today’s most pressing challenges through collaborative research and enterprise

Logo for University of Brighton Responsible Futures

Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Premier venue for shows in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK

Logo for the Grand Theatre Blackpool

National Lottery Community Fund

Giving grants to organisations in the UK to help improve their communities

National Lottery Community Fund monolingual colour logo





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