Our revolutionary conference is beginning to take shape

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Our journey towards the International Resilience Revolution Conference 2020 is beginning with heaps of activity from the teams in Brighton and in Blackpool. Venue, booking, finances, major organisation and the website where you’ll find links to everything you need to know.

About the Resilience Revolution that’s beginning in Blackpool

The Resilience Revolution is delivering an extensive programme of lasting change to disadvantaged young people in the town of Blackpool, through a successful £10.4 million Big Lottery HeadStart funding bid.

Their work is based on the research into resilience conducted through Boingboing and the Centre of Resilience for Social Justice at the University of Brighton.

True to the co-development principles for which Boingboing is a national and international leader, the Resilience Revolution looks to develop a resilient Blackpool, one where its nearly 11,000 young people, “see the difference, feel the difference and are the difference.”

To help achieve this, the first office ‘offshoot’ of the Boingboing social enterprise and network has taken root in Blackpool, joining the Resilience Revolution partnership. This has brought the young people of the town together with senior leaders, practitioners, parents/carers, managers, academics, community groups from the voluntary sector, police, health, and schools, under the leadership of Blackpool Council.

Using a Community of Practice approach, it is forging expertise in co-production, putting young people themselves at the heart of the developments. The partners are embedding training and framework practices into local schools and communities, ensuring that the project has the best chance of being sustained. They are committed to providing a “crib to college” life course approach that ensures prevention is at the centre of the changes, and provides a positive resilience shift for all the town’s young people.

Extending the reach of the frameworks developed by Boingboing and Centre of Resilience for Social Justice members in Brighton, the Resilience Revolution is embedding resilient practice across Blackpool, giving the best prospect of greater sustainability. In turn, this will deepen our understanding of resilience, establishing the many years of achievement in a new, national exemplar of excellence.

Through this, our work will continue to influence local, regional, national and international research and practice. By spreading the learning far and wide, new knowledge is applied and tested through the co-productive work which is also supported by postgraduate and undergraduate students at the University of Brighton.


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