Wicked Possibilities – Solange Leon Iriarte- 1 of 2

Solange Leon Iriarte

Wicked Possibilities: Designing in and with systemic complexity webinar

Creative response – part 1 of 2

For information on the creative collaborators please see UoB_Student_Profiles

  • 1          ‘Positive Feedback’ – The Circle as a consequence of gravity, the Return to Stable Horizontal, Home, Grave.

  • 2          ‘Negative Feedback’ – Vertical Aspirations, Spirituality, Dreams.I ‘had’ to do this last one in negative space in response to its title (I sometimes don’t give myself the choice).

  • 3          ‘Gravity’ – Friction – are the steps from making ‘Negative Feedback’. I planned to edit this as one piece and therefore photographed the stages. What I didn’t realize at the time seemed evident on retrospect. I recorded it in reverse (negative), so instead of constructing a vertical up as I had initially set out to do with the photographs, the steps interestingly revealed the effects of gravity instead, which made me connect it to the ideas of ‘friction’ during the webinar.


  • 4           ‘A Conversation’ – The way by which we project ideas to one another, how they make you pivot your thinking, change angles sometimes before you direct a wider thinner, lighter, heavier set of ideas in return or into another altogether recipient, who in turn will do the same…

This piece made me think of how dialogue can widen the distance between us, exacerbate the differences, or do precisely the opposite. Hence I thought about fragmentation and current fracture, and how to allow for movement without going as far as causing rupture. Yet wouldn’t that also impact on our freedoms?

  • 5          ‘A Space for A Conversation’  -The Void, Ink on Board – As Found.

  • 6          ‘Morphing Thinking’ – Sketch.

Remains in storyboard form – for now. It’s development addresses that undetermined and often-overlooked space beyond and in between the frames (included after a suggestion by Ben Peppiatt) – the blank, ‘unknown’ distance, area or compass also represents the eye ‘giff’ piece (Image 8, Blink Blind in Between below) when it is ‘closed’ or blinking, unseeing.

It has a question in the end frame. It is unreSOLved and could stay that way, albeit I would love to see what other participants would draw on that empty last frame? (I welcome any answers!)


The empty frame is an iteration of the one in the As Found piece ‘Space for a Conversation’, and one necessary for any dialogue to take place, internal or otherwise.


This is how my thinking evolves but also how I record it. It tells my journey through the webinar contents and how I found myself debating the following:


How do we allow for distance, mobility, plasticity and pluralism whilst avoiding loss of the cohesive fabric amongst us (all), avoiding disjointed fracture? (For example, ‘fragmented fracture’ or ‘non-disjointed fracture’ in osseous structures on our feet allows for healing without surgical intervention, or the bark of a tree remains part of the tree even though it is fractured).








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