Wicked Possibilities – Solange Leon Iriarte – 2 of 2

Solange Leon Iriarte

Wicked Possibilities: Designing in and with systemic complexity webinar

Creative response – part 2 of 2

For information on the creative collaborators please see UoB_Student_Profiles

  •  Solve – ReSolve’

  •  ‘In the Blink of an Eye’

  • ‘Blink Blind in Between’

I devised this piece as a two-part 2D Poster, but then thought I wanted it to ‘move’. ‘In the Blink of an Eye’ is a visual play on the idea of the shifting nature of ‘Wicked Problems & Wicked Possibilities’, perspectives and second-order cybernetics as well as responding to a poster suggestion by Sally Sutherland.


(And yes, I do realise I included my name into the wording of the title, but I promise I didn’t set out to do that! It accidentally also conveys the idea of the observer being inseparable from the observed).










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