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What is Vestiaire collective for?

Vestiaire collective is an authentic and pre-owned luxury fashion online market place, sold by the community on

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Vestiaire collective is a very successful online marketplace for the selling or purchasing of pre-owned designer goods that has been growing an online fan base since 2009 (, 2017).

Their international Vestiaire is composed of over 6 million savvy members.  They have a very unique model due to its carefully curated catalogue of 600,000 items that once they have been sold and purchased are checked for their 100% authenticity.


Our values have built our success and made us who we are as a fast growing up company because we think collective: we work with style, with entrepreneurial spirit and with passion.



Intended audience: The intended audience for Vestiaire is young and savvy fashion conscious users that are either trading, selling or buying in designer goods with the aim of making them or saving them some money. The role of this website is both transactional and brand building. Allowing consumers to take part in online transactions as well as promoting and learning about designer brands.


Authority and reputation:  To date Vestiaire Collective has a talented team of over 230 people who are employed to help monitor the website, authenticate peoples items and help aid the online marketplace with advertising and branding. These employees are spread over Paris, London, New York, Berlin, Milan and Madrid (The main hubs of couture fashion). Below is a print screen of the contact information and press releases for the company found on the website.


Accuracy: The website is very well organised, and boasts impeccable grammar and spelling, with the team of 230 workers working round the clock to ensure the website is always up to date and fits the immaculate image it has built for itself. Over 30,000 new items are submitted to Vestiaire by their community of sellers every week, enabling buyers to bag over 3,200 must have designer pieces every day.


Just In: example of homepage



Ease of use: The usability of the website is very straightforward and if you ever have a qualm with using the website, they have online support available to answer you help queries as soon as possible.

As mentioned in the journal article ‘Online consumer’s hierarchy of needs’ September 2007/Vol. 50, No. 9 COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM. That Vestiaire collective fits the criteria of Hedonic criterion like websites that are experiential, entertaining and gratifying to the senses would effectively support more hedonic tasks. Therefore consumers in search of e-commerce and wanting to pursue a hedonic task would select websites that optimise the amount of fun, interactivity and choice they experience/ see. That’s why Vestiaire collective is a classic example of this.



However, as long as there are positive reviews, there will be negative reviews.

I have reviewed many feedback websites online including;, etc.

And the predominant feedback that appears is that although the website promise an elite and reliable service on their website, consumers who have experienced this service are saying otherwise. Some examples of reviews I saw are posted below:



However it is not all doom and gloom:

Latest advert from the online company


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