GoT case study review

SKY’s Aim

Game of Thrones, the world’s most popular TV series, SKY saw an opportunity with its New Zealand audience to collaborate with a highly influential advertising company ‘DDB’, with the aim of utilising their market penetration and advanced advertising skills to help drive new subscribers to Sky and/ or SoHo to the New Zealand target market.

The Mission

With the imminent screening of GoT season 4, SKY saw this as a prime opportunity to drive promotion and advertising to lure new and existing customers to sign up. Appealing to existing fans was not the primary goal of the campaign, however, the footfall and advertising traffic that these fans could create about the new season was ideal in order to generate the attention for new fans to subscribe.

The main audience that SKY wanted to reach had previously said that they were not interested in G.o.T, so DDB had to find an alternative way to penetrate that market, who had previously shown no ‘interest’ in joining the vast online communities of discussion the show has created.

With the aid of Brandwatch analytics, DDB found that the most talked about ‘character’ in the online communities was the hatred of King Joffrey, DDB saw this as a great opportunity to get ‘not yet fans’ to join the online hoards of communities and campaigns that hated this TV character so much. They drove this tactic by influencing regular online users to use the hashtag #bringdowntheking which reached millions of online users who weren’t previously fans of the show.

In combination with the hashtag, DDB created a life-size statue of King Joffrey that would be lowered everytime a user tweeted the specific hashtag, it was located in a popular and central part of the country.

Some examples of avid and excited twitter fans of the show:


DDB were, in fact, able to create a vast follow and excitement for the show, which was one of their primary aims. Allowing them to gain global recognition (coverage on New Zealand’s largest news websites, radio stations, and social media channels) for such a well thought out and clever advertising campaign. Overall helping promote SKY’s passion around their content.

Examples of impact reached by locals taking photos and posting to Instagram:

Just looking at King Joffrey's statue at Aotea Square makes my blood boil! So excited for Season 4 of Game of Thrones #bringdowntheking

A post shared by G E R H Å R D J Ø S E P H (@gerhardjoseph) on

We did it #bringDownTheKing #joffrey #GoT

A post shared by Daniel Masters (@daniel_masters) on

Overall, it is clear to see that this campaign was a huge success in driving current and potential new users to take part in something that was so interactive and allowed them to experience the excitement that being a part of SKY’s/ SoHo community brings.

Brandwatch was
invaluable in working out
the exposure the
campaign had received
in global media, the
cumulative reach
during the campaign, and
the local impact

Extra links:

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