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In memory of Kevin

Kevin Fossey

This page has been set up for all staff and students to share their fond memories of our dear friend and colleague, Kevin Fossey,  who sadly passed away peacefully on 16th June 2016.

Kevin’s unique personality and associated commitment to the teaching profession has influenced and inspired generations of children. There is little doubt that his work has had an immensely positive impact on the lives of countless young people.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to have known and worked with Kevin will ensure that his memory remains in our hearts and is emulated through our practice.

Please feel free to use the form HERE to share messages of celebration about Kevin.


Sincerely devastated… Kevin was the most inspirational individual whom had had the most colossal impact on my teaching pedagogy. Forever will be in my heart and centre of my educational philosophy. His legacy will resonate in every single University of Brighton graduate. Thank you Kevin. You are amazing
Zoe S

Thank you for your support at one of the hardest times in my life. All you did was listen, but that was all I needed someone to do. To you it was a spare ten minutes, to me it had a huge impact and helped me greatly in my life at that time. And as a result I have now be successfully teaching for 5 years! Rest in peace Kevin. One of life’s greatest. Xx
Dawn Rawson

I am truly devastated that Kevin Fossey has passed away. On my first day of University in September 2011 I remember vividly sitting in the lecture theatre and thinking “Wow! If I can achieve even half of what this man has in my lifetime, then I’ll be doing well!”

The stories he told and the passion he showed for all aspects of teaching has been an incredible part of my journey into a teaching career. He will be sadly missed by many and he is a true inspiration. May his family find peace in knowing that Kevin will always be remembered by so many.
Michelle Lea

Kevin was an inspirational teacher, with outstanding skills that motivated every student he taught. His stories were invaluable, and usually really funny, but were always used as a teaching tool. Kevin was much loved, and will be much missed. No words could describe the real impact he made on me. R.I.P. Mr Fossey <3
Caroline Ward

Kevin was a wonderful tutor and mentor to me during my time at the University of Brighton. He had great passion and enthusiasm for life and this spread to others on my course. I was struggling during my first year and he gave me some words of encouragement that stuck with me and I thank him for motivating me to continue with my degree. He was funny, entertaining and caring. Thank you Kevin!
Nick Gedye

Kevin will be much missed. He has touched the lives and influenced the careers of so many teachers and children. I can still so clearly remember my geography sessions during my PGCE and his inspirational talks about the Dharma School. We all so wanted to work there. I’m honoured to have known him. His name and legacy will live on in the School for Malagiri.
Rachel Goddard

In memory of a special friend-Kevin Fossey
I think you were always a person who would ‘walk the extra mile’. I will remember your kind words, encouragement and the practical help you gave me to get to Nepal and see your amazing project at Malagiri.
We have chatted so much about the experience. We shared our Headteacher experiences too-with laughter, frustration and hope!
You have been a great role model for compassion, strength and resilience. I will always remember you. Rest in peace. xxx
Lynne, Hannah and David Wise 

I was lucky enough to have Kevin as my mentor when I was on my second student placement at the Dharma School in 2002. I truly believe that I learned almost everything I know about teaching from this wonderful man. He has been a constant source of inspiration to me from the moment I met him – when times get tough at work, I still find myself saying ‘What would Kevin do?’ I visited Kevin when he was ill. Despite the fact that he was unwell and most certainly in pain, he remained positive and reassuring about absolutely everything. Thank you Kevin for everything you have given to me and to so many other people. You touched the lives of so many people and your legacy will live on for ever.
Judith Finlay

An inspirational man that I know will be truly missed. My first memory of Brighton University was Kevin speaking so enthusiastically about teaching. I hope that my teaching career I can achieve half of what he had. My thoughts are with his family who he spoke of with adoration and love. RIP
Kirstin Tidy

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