interpret a Turnitin Originality report – flags

Turnitin has five settings that control what you see in an originality report.

The first is the flag… Flags look for inconsistencies that indicate the document may need closer scrutiny.

They try to find the sneaky tricks people can carry out to try and get round the matching…

th1ng5 like replace1ng character5 – these character replacements are pretty obvious, as I’ve just swapped out number5 for the letters… but some folk might use different language fonts to include letters that look similar but aren’t.

Or someone devious might use hidden quotation marks around something so it would be excluded by the quoted text filter ,_<- to the left are quote marks in white on white. This has been detected, and flagged.


Flags are quite rare, if you aren’t sure what the report means get in touch with your learning technologist.

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